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What is ScourNomad?

The ScourNomad platform aims to reduce the security experts' time and effort performing mundane tasks and improve testing performance. It enhances the penetration tests and bug hunts speed and precision, providing easy-to-use interfaces and powerful integrations.

Build and execute your full software security testing methodologies quickly and easily!

For companies defending their digital resources

Discover exposed resources and secrets and improve your security posture
Use predefined module setups from the gallery for easier and faster setup
Our team is available for any assistance required to adapt and fine-tune your setup to your environment

For software companies looking to improve the security of their products

Build application security integration tests for your applications
Integrate them into your CI / CD pipelines
Get the actionable reports pointing out the bugs and their fixes

For penetration testers and bug bounty hunters

Build security testing methodologies and access them from anywhere
Automate tasks but also leverage manual testing tools to gather data
Use visualization maps to correlate discovered resources and secrets


How ScourNomad platform works:

ScourNomad platform provides multiple user interfaces to cover the daily tasks that software security professionals require. It also offers the most used tools readily available at any moment.



We currently have the PoC running and are actively working on finalizing the pre-alpha stage. After this stage, we will perform the initial pentest and start with the closed alpha testing.

  • 2021

    Proof of Concept development

  • Q3 2022

    FRC investment received

  • Sep 2022

    Pre-alpha development

  • Jan 2022

    Closed alpha testing starts

  • Q1-Q2 2023

    Beta testing starts

  • Q3 2023

    Full third-party pentest

  • Q3-Q4 2023
    First commercial version